Wednesday, 22 October 2014


hey all
i have had a hectic few weeks
it has been PTA meetings , school events , doctors appointment, and physiotherapy sessions it has honestly been a nightmare as well as planning Christmas , 5th birthday party and also Halloween   i honest have never relyed on my planner so much as this month i thinki may have lost even more marbles without it

i have been able to track everything (touchwood) i cannot wait till "father christmas" brings me my Erin condren   haha

i have also been tracking finances and medical symptoms so i can take them to my ultrasound appointment on the 7th hopefully i will be a little bit closer to a definite diagnosis

i have a seperate notebook for my meal planning

anyway i am going to go and i will be back later


Friday, 26 September 2014

school week and general yummyness

so today marks a full week of school for my baby girl its amazing how far she has come already last friday she was sent home with her first ever homework and she sat down and completed it with out any fuss she has harvest festivalon the 14th as well as a family game night on the 17th

last night we had ralph the school dog teddy for the evening he came with his own little backpack and sleeping bag it was so sweet watching her change him in to hos pjs and put him to bed

i also had a PTA meeting last night which was very interesting

in other news i have found some delious gluten free yumminess for me which fit in with my new diet they are from a company called Angelic Foods which are unfortunatly not available in supermarkets at the moment which i think is ridiculous as they are so tasty

i will hopefully be posting a health update early next week when my latest results are back

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Changes ahoy

So my gorgeous little girl is now a full time schoolgirl it is so strange she has been full time 4 days this week and she is loving it so far each day she is coming home with new stories of things she has learned and friends she has made it is so nice to hear our little poppy cat is finding it very hard to adjust.

I am using the time to plan birthday, Halloween and Christmas as well as the general running of the house

I have also signed up to do a philosophy course and I am also trying to get myself healthy due to a few health issues that have come to light recently that require me to change my diet I will post an update when know exactly what is going on thank you out for all your continued support

Till next time

Ttfn xxxx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hi all

Hi all its been such a long time since i posted anything we havent been up to very much to be totally honest the moo has started school which is very weird but has meant i have managed to get some clearing out done ready for her big girl room renovation i am hoping to start a youtube channel soon which will have grocery hauls and DITL etc

Friday, 11 July 2014


so its been a few days since i posted so let me tell you what we have been up to last night ws my daughters graduation from preschool so we were obviously very excited about that unfortunately we wasn't allowed to take photographs however the school did so i will upload when we have those

on saturday we will be changing over our project board to our new theme which is HEALTHY EATING (moo choice) i plan to get her involved in the shopping and also meal planning plus make some fruit kebabs and prehaps even start a little windowsill garden

i hope that all of this combined will help her be a little less fussy with her food she loves her veggies however is not a fan of meat products

Saturday, 5 July 2014

preschooler no more

well in a little over three weeks my gorgeous little girl will be graduating preschool we will of course be throwing her a little party with a few of her friends just to celebrate we are going to have a bbq as that is what she requested so i have been trawling pinterest for decoration snd food ideas  it is hard to beleive that my baby girl will be a school child from September i am so proud of her

Thursday, 3 July 2014

homeschool update + some handy websites

so some of you may know that i am homeschooling my preschooler this week i have been making some buy bags and also some actvitys for the 6 week holidays i ahve found two amazing websites where i am getting my prntables 1+1=1 and confessions of a homeschooler  both provide FREE printables which are amazing  we have also set up a new project/learning journey board

this week we are concentrating on the letter S number 10 colour RED and our theme is SEASIDE