Monday, 25 January 2016

meal planning and moneysaving

hi all

so one of my new year goals for this year was try and meal plan for the month

last year I was doing it on a weekly basis but I have challenged myself this year to be prepared with 2/3 extra meals available each week in case of illness/guest etc.

I have been loving shopping with muscle food lately   you can also get some free stuff using this link

they are always offering discounts so its defiantly worth following them on social media as we find for  family of 3 the hampers last us anywhere between 6 - 7 weeks and for roughly £60 this works at 1.60 per day for meat for a meal so I cannot complain at that

I have also been using the subscribe and save at amazon for my laundry and also crafty cats food as again this is a great option for money saving

anyway I am off I will post again soon

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

washing machine dramas and all that jazz

hi all

sorry it has been a while it has been a nightmare few weeks if it not on thing its another yesterday was really the nail in the coffin as my washing machine decided to stop working so after being on the phone for at least half an hour I was informed that an engineer would be out on Saturday so we will see

apart from that its been a great start to the new year we welcomed a brand new baby cousin in to the family and I have to admit he has made me very very broody lol

we have a few achievements with my brother who is now  in school full time even after recently  being diagnosed   with diabetes  for us this is huge breakthrough as last year he was afraid to go

my sister is doing really well and is happily engaged to her boyfriend who is such a lovely guy

DD is doing wonderful at school and is receiving nothing but praise from her teachers

me and the hubby haven't killed each other yet so I guess that's good ( right ) haha

we have some very exciting plans in place for this year so please do keep popping back


Saturday, 2 January 2016


hello my lovely readers I hope you are all well and had a great Christmas

we went to my nans on Christmas eve and my mums on Boxing day but spent Christmas day at home so DD could play with her toys it was really nice just the three of us no rushing around we could enjoy playing with her new games etc.

I have been writing out my new year goals for 2016 which I will be sharing on Tuesday so keep an eye out for that

I am sorry this is short post but we haven't really been up to very much exciting

Saturday, 10 October 2015

a long awaited return

hey everyone

long time no see I know life has been super hectic here at craftyHQ  I have finally started my course through the open university which I am really enjoying so far

its taking up a lot of my time but it will all be worth it in the end

DD has been chosen to be on school council and is also doing 2 after school clubs which are sewing and cookery which she is absolutely loving

we have ordered our elves o a shelf we are having 2 this year a girl and a by each will bring their own bit of cheekiness to our lives

I will of course be updatin weekly what our cheeky little friends have been up to
anyway until next week
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

hi all

thought I would update you all on what I have been upto this week my course work for the open university as arrived all ready for my start date on the 3rd I  also have a huge subscribe and save order due o the same day as they have lots of coupons on items that we regularly buy I will post a little haul when it all arrives

sorry this isn't very exciting had a really rubbish week hopefully next week will be better

Sunday, 20 September 2015

flower freebies

hi all

no long post today but just thought I would pop in and show you all my flowers that were all picked from my wonderful nans back garden I don't know about you guys but having fresh flowers in the home always makes me smile

Sunday, 26 July 2015

muscle food , nature and fairys

hi all

so I admit I have been a terrible blogger and completely forgot to picture my muscle food delivery to show you all however I can tell you what I got and id with it all

I received 24 large chicken breast fillets 15 of which were put in the freezer whole whilist the remained were diced for curries ETC

2 400g of minced beef

4 rump steak

4 hache steak

1 minced chicken

I diced beef

2 beef burgers

all of which has been placed into my freezer

we also have 3 new resident to the crafty household some clawed frogs they are sp tiny so will add a photo when they have grown a tiny bit

also my local area have some nature events running so DD has been signed up to map/compass skills , bug hotels and also bird boxes as she will love them  we have also signed up for a FA skills course through #thisgirlcan who are running  free activities for girls

next week we are having a fairy week so expect lots of glitter and pink goodness in next weeks post